Bucket List Item #1 – Run A Marathon

Today is day #1 of a 22-week training to run my first marathon. It’s been a bucket list item of mine for several years. There is no better time like the present to begin.

Date:  November 17, 2013

Event: San Antonio Rock-n-Roll Marathon

Millions of others have run this distance before me, so it isn’t a big feat in and of itself. But, it will be MY biggest physical challenge up to this point.  I’m looking forward to it, and am ready.

Over the course of the next 22 weeks, I will be covering approximately 600 miles… Lord willing. I’m sure there may be some injury along the way which may derail me for a bit, but I will almost always try and run .5 to 1 mile farther than my scheduled distance.


I charted out my 22 weeks, what I will need to do each week, the distances I need to run, weekly mileage, and rest days. So, today was day #1.

I ran 3.54 miles in the pouring rain. When I say “pouring” I mean solid, steady, and soaking. Nothing like testing my resolve from the beginning.

I could have waited for the rain to pass or for better conditions, but, I didn’t want to be swayed, and, what if it is raining on November 17th? I’m not going to wait to start until the weather conditions are better… so good or bad weather… I’m running.

Running Rules

One thing I know… I cannot run 26.2 miles in the shape I am in and the eating and drinking habits I have. I need to set some rules to live by for the next 22 weeks and beyond:

1) NO MORE SODA. Father’s Day was my last Coke. Diet soda and any kind of sugar loaded soda is keeping my overweight. Today, my first day without soda or any kind.

2) NO MORE FAST FOOD. No more drive thrus and eating lower quality food. No McDonalds. No Chick fil a. No fast food.

3) NO MORE CANDY. Too much sugar and wasted carbs. Chocolate is a big obstacle for me. Gotta ditch the Hersheys, Dove, and Reeses.

4) EAT GLUTEN-FREE. This is a whole new topic. But, let me just state it is better for my belly, my knees, and every other part of my body.

My overall goal is to drop 20 pounds in the next 22 weeks. I don’t think that will be a problem. I can do just those things above and lose weight. Top that off with 600 miles of running, and I should be able to reach a weight I haven’t seen since the early to mid 90’s. 🙂

Let’s Get Going

I hope I have gained enough wisdom from my 3 half marathons to know how to train and prepare, how to prepare for race day, and how to manage and run the race in the midst of 25-30,000 other runners.

I read Runner’s World magazine and follow the experience of others who have run dozens and dozens, if not over 100 marathons.

I believe I’m up for the challenge, and, Lord willing I will not have any serious injuries to set me back and keep me from my race. I like the Psalm 26:2 graphic. That is what I believe this is.

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