Ideas for a book

One of my long time ambitions is to write.  I write all of the time.  For my M.A. degree I wrote a 165-page thesis.  I have started several books.  On the archives of my computer are several unfinished (and probably never will be finished) books.

However, this time is different.  I have been sketching out a book that I would like to publish.  I was speaking with a friend of mine tonight at church.  He has written one book, and is in the process of writing his second.  I told him my idea, and he was excited.  I told him the title I had put down, and he gave me a very sour look.

So, I have plenty of work to do on my title, but I figured the title would become more apparent as I began to put the meat of the book together.  Anyway, the subject of my book is “Lessons From Africa,” or “Things I learned in Africa that I could never learn in America.” 

I’ll give more details of the book over the next several weeks.  It’s not a business book by any means.  It is basically a book of anecdotal stories and life lessons I learned during my years in East Africa.  It is meant to be somewhat humorous and the cause and purpose of the book are related to one of my heart’s passions.

I’ll be giving you updates and some sections from the book as I go along.  While the thought of “Lessons From Africa” may appear somewhat stale, it has a certain familiarity to Robert Fuhlgum’s bestseller, “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten.”

So, stay tuned!

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