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hopeinthedark.jpgI was at the bookstore not long ago and bought a book, “Hope in the Dark” by Jena Lee.  It is a POWERFUL book because the huge number of photos tell a story of the tragedy of AIDS in Africa, the lack of clean water, and yet the hope and healing that is coming by building wells and having blood that is free of parasites and HIV infections is helping children live past the age of 5.

Members from the band Jars of Clay were captured by a vision for what was, what is, and what could be in Africa.  Blood:Water Mission is a result of that trip and have since partnered to begin the building of 1,000 wells to provide clean water across much of sub-Saharan Africa.  Already, they are one-third of the way there, having built 334 wells!  I believe we can take this even further. 

Here’s the deal – a $1 donation will provide clean water for 1 African for 1 year.

Go check out the website, buy the book, buy a t-shirt, freely give. 


Over the next several months, I am going to continue to provide updates and how we can all get involved.  I am going to use what I have in business to help in building more wells.   There are other things running through my head about what I would like to do.  It’s been 12 years since I’ve been in Afria, and I would love to spend time with my family next summer in Africa, helping with the work of B:WM.

A purposeless life is one spent toiling and spinning aimlessly through routines and meaningless chatter and activity.  A life on purpose or on mission is one that is focused, able to find joy on a consistent basis, one of passion, deep sorrow, love, hate, and able to work from the heart, mind, and spirit.

I’ve lived both.  The former is depressing.  The latter is awakening. 

If you want to know more about Blood Water Mission, go to their site.  You can get the book on Amazon.  Let it capture your heart, imagination, and mind.  I believe this is a very worthy, honorable, and Christ-filled mission!

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  1. Hey Rich, the Xziex machines produce 99.9% pure water from the atmosphere anywhere on earth, and the company’s donating 7% of their profits towards providing clean drinking water worldwide. I think these guys are on to a real solution.

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