Babel – Lame Movie

babel.jpgI’m not sure if you’ve seen Babel yet, but let me give you story line real quick:

Two young boys from Morrocco shoot an American woman who is a tourist with her husband.  The rifle is actually registered to a top business executive in Japan whose daughter is a nympho, deaf mute.  While the American couple is vacationing in Morrocco, their kids are being kept by an illegal who takes them over the border into Mexico for her son’s wedding.  Things go wrong and the nanny is deported.  The American woman lives.  The Japanese deaf girl is seeking attention by licking her dentist and undressing for the cops.

I know this movie is supposed to prove a point about language and cultural barriers, but it had to be the dumbest movie I had seen so far this decade.  There were so many parts of the movie that were not connected.  It was rather ridiculous, and then I couldn’t believe that it had been nominated for some award.  It just goes to show you how lame Hollywood is to nominate a sad movie like this.  CSI Miami has better writers than whoever put this script together.

Hollywood praises Brad Pitt for his brave portrayal and sociological impact.  Gag.  This wasn’t even a B-rated movie.

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