Democracy’s Greatest Strength is It’s Greatest Weakness

I am worn out!  I receive 3-5 political phone calls a day, 3-5 postcards in the mail each day, drive by hundreds of Democrat or Repbulican yard signs and posters each week, and hear way too many ads on the radio or TV. Nothing is objective any more.  You cannot trust any news station to provide an objective report.  CNN is anti-American, anti-war, anti-Republican, and anti-Christian.  … Read more

Full Time – Work From Home – How Did I Get Here?

Like 95% of most people who were trying to start some type of home business, my goal was to some day work from home full time.  I knew it was how I worked best, and even though I had a full time teaching position at a great university, if it is not where your heart is… Anyway, for my birthday back in 2003, my wife … Read more

18 pounds and counting

It’s not been as bad as I’d thought it would be.  I took about 16 days to go through the induction phase of the Atkins diet.  Atkins has received a lot of crap over the years because they misunderstand things.  The diet itself is actually not that harsh.  But, people believe the induction is the whole diet, when it’s not.  The 2 week induction is … Read more

Living Large, Living Out Loud!

Seth Barnes’ Blog (see the link on the right) today struck another chord with me.  Here is a portion of it: =========== Henry David Thoreau wrote, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Though Thoreau was probably not a Christian, he recognized that life was valuable, and should be treated as such. Thoreau lived by this creed: I wanted to live deliberately. I … Read more

Here I Go Again – Diet Time

Well, here I go again.  I’m tired of looking at myself in the mirror and seeing too much of me.  But, I’ve been down this road before.  It’s time for a change though.  Last night I was watching Extreme Makeover – Home Edition, and was watching a family where the father had died.  To watch the family without a father was enough for me to … Read more

Another Reason To Work From Home

I run my office out of my home.  I have thought many times about renting out an office space in a strip mall where I could probably be more productive as a business man, but I’ll give up a little business in order to maintain my home office. Yesterday was another reason why I do it.  My oldest daughter got pretty sick and we had … Read more

Infomercials and Live Seminars

Lately I’ve had the notion to start attending the local live seminars that are held here in the Dallas area.  These are the free seminars that are promoted on TV Infomericals.  Here are a few that have been on TV over the last month that I have seen: Robert Allen Real Estate WizeTrade Red Light – Green Light Stock Trading Teach Me To Trade Some … Read more

Our Church’s Super Sunday

This coming Sunday in our church is going to be an exciting time.  I just got back from a meeting with about 80-90 people who are going to be baptized on Sunday.  Two people from my small group have asked me to baptize them.  It’s quite an honor. One of the things I was thinking through tonight as I was driving home was how much … Read more

One of My Main Career Goals

All the major gurus are always asking, “What are your goals?”  Well, a guy whose newsletter I read reminded me of my goal this week. Colin wrote in his newsletter that he traveled all summer in his new RV (driving an RV is not my goal).  He basically took the summer off and logged a total of about 30 hours of work… for the entire … Read more

Less Is More

I received a newsletter today from one of the Internet’s top business consultants, Rich Schefren.  Here is a little what he had to say: “Sometimes, you can have too many good developments in your life and business that, even one more piece of good news is not welcome because you simply have too much on your plate already. “Bottom line – too much is simply … Read more