Getting Distracted

I remember when I joined my first network marketing business – Mannatech back in 1997.  I soon began to try and find help to grow my business.  That’s when I was introduced to ProStep (a now defunct leads company that had an MLM pay plan).  I was now trying to build two businesses.  I began using Aweber and realized I could make money from them too… now a third business.  I then joined a more online friendly company, Life Force Intl in about 1999 or 2000.  And it kept going…..

To make a long story short, I got so far off course from my Mannatech business that I couldn’t even figure out what path I was on at the time.

Now, that was several years ago, and I see the same thing happening with so many people in much, much bigger ways.

Let me explain.

Ann Sieg’s The Renegade Networker, Magnetic Sponsoring, and all of these other “Generate Your Own Leads” type companies are a HUGE distraction.  I am not saying they are not good companies.  In fact, you could probably earn a full time income with promoting any one of these companies by themselves. 

But, ultimately, they divide your time and distract you away from growing your business. 

You have to learn a whole new system, begin putting marketing dollars into promoting this new system, attending more conference calls, responding to emails about how this works or how that works, etc.   But seriously, just look at some of the people who advertise on this site… ways you can “Add 20-30 reps to your business,” “Stop Buying Leads,” “Your Leads Suck,” etc.  They are a distraction… just like that lady’s a distraction to this driver.

This is what I have found – Systems like these can easily consume 40 – 60% of your time, energy and money, leaving you with little left over to grow your business… the one you really want to grow and the one that ultimately is the most profitable for the long term.

Again, I am not knocking these companies as a business, but I can bet that 98% of those people using these systems are not seeing the results in their primary business like they hoped they would when they first joined.

Do I have a solution.  Yes.  It may sound self serving, but here it is.  Stop getting distracted.  Focus 100% of your energy on your one business.  If you need leads, buy them so you can focus all your energy on your company and stop worrying about PPC campaigns and other things you are trying to do to get people to your Magnetic Sponsoring site or to read your Renegade Networker ebook.  If you need a system, use one that is sponsored by your company or is built for your company.  Stop trying to find magic bullets and just build your business.

Now, how do I know this?  I have been down this road many times.  Everytime I have been distracted I could see that everything I was doing suffered.  When I quit everything and focused on the one thing – my one business BOOMED!  In fact, my income began to double, then triple, and I simply began to enjoy life more.

One final thing – Can Ann Sieg’s stuff or Magnetic Sponsoring work (or any one of these “Guru” systems that promises huge downlines)?  Sure they can.  They have.  But, if you could interview the top 25 income earners in companies like Mannatech, Xango, Melaleuca, Ameriplan, Pre-paid Legal, Global Resorts, Coastal Vacations, Isagenix, etc., you will find people who are sold out 110% to their company.  They are not dabbling in this and dabbling in that.  If they were, they wouldn’t be in the top 25.

Stop believing the hype of these systems and the nonsense that this is for the average person, the non-heavy hitter.  Stay focused and give your one business the energy it deserves.

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