3 Tips For Working At Home During Shelter In Place

I worked successfully from home and ran my own business for more than a dozen years. It wasn’t all picture perfect, but I must have done something right to make it last that long.

Tip #1. Get Out of Your Pajamas

Get up like you’re going to work. Take a shower and get dressed. You’ll feel better and your family will like you more.

There is just something about the mentality of staying in your pajamas all day that keeps you feeling a bit “defeated,” especially on consecutive days.

Don’t believe all the hype of “working in your PJ’s.” You’ve seen the ads with people pushing their business opportunity. Working in your PJ’s is a lie straight from the pit of MLM.

The first couple days in jammies were fine. We’re past that now and it’s time to change your mindset and set a better trajectory for the day – hit the showers and put on clean clothes.

PJ’s more than 2 hours after waking up is no longer acceptable.

Take a shower (with soap) and wear something decent… something that is attractive ain’t a bad idea either… just not another pair of pajamas.

You also need to shave. Guys, if you were Duck Dynasty before COVID-19, that’s fine. Otherwise take a razor to your face. And my #1 Pro Tip – ladies, shave those legs like you’re heading to the beach. Good golly… I don’t think they have a shortage on razors at Target, so there’s no excuse.

Tip #2. Exercise

It’s time to get your butt moving. Seriously! I gained a good chunk of weight when I started working from home. It took me a bit to figure this one out. Working from home = getting lazy and chunky. Time to change that.

You can do some of those video / YouTube programs (Beachbody has some good ones).

Personally, I like getting outside. It just clears my mind and I enjoy seeing the blue sky, the birds, the trees, etc. This is my chance to get out of the house… just maintain your 6 foot social bubble.

I started out walking… and that was even a struggle. I could barely walk to the end of the block. It took me several weeks, but I pushed myself to 3 miles (takes about an hour to do). I then began jogging and running. Then I was doing 3 miles in 30 minutes. Before I knew it, I ran my first 5K, then a 10K, then some half marathons.

I even enjoy running in the rain and snow. You somehow feel more “steel-like” when you’ve exercised on a day that common citizens shy away from. If I took that red shirt off in the pic of me right there, you would see a giant Superman “S” painted on my chest… a dude of steel!

Of course… ask your doctor (gotta say that). Exercise made everything else better for me. I worked better. I felt better. It reduced my stress. I got healthier… and by gum, I was significantly better looking too!

Tip #3. Do The Two “P’s”

First P = Pray. Your God wants you to spend time with Him. Take some time to pray. I did it in the morning. I did it when I exercised. I did it at meals. I did it here and there. I did it everywhere.

Conversation with God is everything. Tell Him your fears, your concerns. Pray for others that need God’s touch. Ask Him your questions. Let Him know you trust Him… even if you don’t understand everything.

You need hope, and hope is found in Jesus!  Hope is not found in Trump, CNN, Bernie, Rush, the CDC, WHO, etc.

I say this because working from home is probably something new to you and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the news. Maybe lay off so much news and read Colossians or Philippians. Those are good, short letters you can read in your Bible instead.

Second P = Play. Don’t forget to smile and laugh. Play some board games. Do a puzzle. Play catch in the yard. Have a game of Wiffle Ball. Break out the old Wii and go bowling or boxing. Learn to dance (my goal is to do the Running Man and T Step).

Open the old photo albums and reminisce. Plan your next vacation (cuz you know this pandemic will one day pass). I find planning something in the future can make a difficult time I’m in more bearable.

Tell stories. Pick up the phone, Face Time, Zoom, or whatever and call your parents and see if you can get them to tell a story. I remember asking my mother (when her health was failing) about her childhood. She began telling stories I had never heard before. We were both laughing and having such a good time. Those are still some of my favorite memories I shared with her before she passed.

And while you’re at it… call your siblings. There might be a story or two from growing up that you might need to tease them about.

Pop some corn and watch a comedy or Disney movie. Take a break from the dramas and thriller movies. Have some fun with your family.

Here’s The Deal…

One day very soon we will be back in the car driving the kids to school and then we are off to the office… and hopefully it’s going to feel bittersweet.

From a couple years ago, but Traci can box and put you on the mat for the 10 count!

Don’t just survive these “Shelter in Place” days. Thrive and grow.

It’s my goal in the years to come to not just remember the pandemic (and yes the world will have suffered – I’m not making light of that), but to reflect and smile at the photos we took of mom trying to do Wii boxing, the games we played, how I learned to dance, how I grew closer in my relationship with Jesus, and as a family we navigated a difficult time in the world’s history together.

I’m not sure how long this will all last, but give these 3 things a try. They are all essentially low cost or free.

These aren’t just 3 theories or good ideas. I lived these and proved them – and my work from home days were literally the best days of my life.

.  .  .  .  .

.  .  .  .  .

Are you still reading? Thanks! I appreciate that 🙂

Let me give you one more bonus tip: it doesn’t always go smoothly.

You will be interrupted while you’re trying to work. Just remember that happens at the office too.

Be gracious and the work will get done… just like it does at the office.

Just remember to shave.



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