2014 – No New Year’s Resolutions… yet

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that life has been a bit off my normal routine. Maybe more than a bit.

Usually about mid-December I begin focusing on the new year. What are my personal and business goals? What direction do I want to head? What are things I want to accomplish? I also reflect on the previous year and see how I measured up.

Here it is January 16th, and I am sitting here… without much focus and without much direction.

  1. My health is about the lowest its been in 3 years. I’ve gained about 25 pounds over the last 5-6 months. I’m out of shape and doubt I could run a mile.  A year ago I was in great physical shape, running half marathons, 15K races, etc.
  2. My spiritual life is actually doing better. This may be what is holding me together. A year ago I was feeling rather oppressed.
  3. My finances are about as crappy as they’ve been in a decade. But, I feel like I have more demands on me right now than ever before and I can’t make it.
  4. I feel disconnected, relationally with my family and friends. I just want to feed my introverted self.
  5. My mind is foggy and my train of thought runs about 2-3 seconds before it derails or takes a jog on a side track.

Enough… enough already.

It’s time for me to get away. It seems like that is all I’ve done over the last 5-6 weeks, but that’s not what I meant.


I need to get away with my pad of paper, my Bible, a pen, no TV, no computer, no Candy Crush. I need the time to clear my head and let the fog clear. I need to get my focus for the year. I need to know where I’m going.

So, this blog post isn’t really for anyone in particular to read. It’s just me putting my thoughts onto a page so I can see what I have to do.

As the Zig Ziglar comment says… I don’t really need anymore time in a day.

The alternative… well let’s just say there is no other alternative.


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