What’s Up For 2009??

I have been spending quite a bit of time thinking and planning for the new year… 2009.  There’s lots to consider, and much to be hopeful about.  One thing is for sure.  I never felt better about my decision to be doing what I am doing on the Internet than I do right now.

After spending time with different family and friends over Christmas, hearing about layoffs at their jobs, hard times, cut backs, etc, I realized how different my world was from theirs.

The world of the Internet is not feeling the “tough times.”  There may be some level of slow down, but not near to the degree that it is being felt in the remainder of society.  In fact, I am investing more in my businesses in 2009 because I see the growth that is taking place… not the cut backs.

  1. I am hiring 2 new people in January to manage my websites.
  2. I am having a re-Grand Opening of National Leads in January as we GREATLY improve our real time and surveyed leads.
  3. I am investing into Pro Email Leads which was just launched in November. 
  4. I am launching a new website to promote my free ebook – 5-Day Mini Course on Leads… probably late January.
  5. I have bought 2 established web sites with high page rank.  They will launch in January.

And, that is just the beginning.  It is going bigger and wider in 2009.  In order to build up, you need to build wider at the bottom to insure stability.  I am excited about 2009.  I believe there is much to be hopeful for. 

I realize that CNN, your newspapers, and others are saying that times are tough and that it will get worse before it gets better.  You can either sit back and let them dictate how your life will be, or you can be pro-active and build something great.  I’ve never really gotten anywhere in life by following the masses, commuting in traffic, and being status quo. 

I have a saying that my family has gotten used to me saying, “I’m not a sheep.”  That is based upon the fact that sheep follow blindly the sheep in front of them.  If the sheep in front of them walks off a cliff, then they will too.  It’s the dumb leading the dumb.  So, I choose not to follow the masses… the sheep.

There are 101 things you can do to create something big in 2009 on the Internet.  Even if it’s just another $500 a month, that can sure go a long way to taking the stress out of life. 

My two main goals for 2009 are 1) to outsource more and 2) strengthen my streams of income.

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