2 Weeks Down, 20 To Go

I have 2 weeks of my training under my belt now, and I’m down to the 20 week countdown before my marathon.  Lots of stuff to adjust.

I actually am following a hybrid of the Runner’s World 20-week training schedule.  I added 2 weeks to it to help as an intro to get me back into a schedule of running.  The Runner’s World also has a 2 week intro, so I actually have about 4 weeks of intro before getting into the building of mileage.

Week 1 I ran 4 times for a total of 14.18 miles.

Week 2 I ran 4 times for a total of 15.55 miles. My longest run was 5.40 miles.

I Thought I Would Have Lost Some Weight

This is always a HUGE disappointment. You go out there and sweat like there’s no tomorrow, you do about 30 miles in 2 weeks… and zero pounds lost.  Sucks.

I gave up soda. I have been eating more veggies and fruit. Gluten free food. I have not been eating late at night. I’m not cramming my face with all the “so-called” gluten free foods that a high in rice and potato starch. And… nothing.

I realized something. I had not been peeing as much. Caffeine (in the form of a Diet Coke) as served as a diuretic for me. I’ve noticed that I have been retaining fluids (not counting the way I sweat when I run).

So, what are my options?

Well, I had a Diet Coke today. I’m not too concerned. I may or may not have another. It didn’t taste that great. Hopefully that will kick in as a diuretic.

Diet Changes

Over the next 2 weeks, especially since it is still part of the intro part of the schedule, I am going to be focusing upon low carbohydrate foods (eggs, meat, cheeses, nuts, veggies, berries, etc.) I am going to stay away from all of the gluten free starches.

In the past, when I have done Atkins, it has helped me a bunch with the fluid retention. I think some of these gluten free foods have been causing some of the fluid retention, along with my body trying to adjust to not getting the daily fix of soda.

I’m probably not going to do low carb long term, but just get my body moving in the right direction.

The main thing is eating smart. I’m not dumb… just slightly less disciplined in my food choices at times 🙂

Running Shoes

It’s time for a new pair of shoes. A pair of shoes will take you about 400 miles… give or take a bit. I can stretch it a bit further, but I don’t want to provoke an injury.

For me, the Brooks Adrenaline 13 is my favorite shoe. Its about $110. I wear a size 11, 4E. I have a wide foot, so my choices for shoes goes way down.

In my half marathon I ran in March, I did my training switching between the Brooks and a New Balance shoe. The New Balance shoe was cooler looking, but the Brooks performed WAY better. New Balance was okay on short runs, but anything over 4 or 5 miles, and it was my Brooks.

I like to have at least 2 pair of shoes so I can alternate and not wear one pair out. So, time to order a new pair of Brooks, break them in, and probably order another pair at the end of the summer.  I figured I would be going through a total of 3 pair before my November race (my current pair which has about another 50-100 miles in them, the new pair I’m getting ready to buy, and then another pair I’ll buy later this year).

Alright… off to ice my knees.

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