10 Days Into 2013

Alright, just thought I would check in and see how I was doing with these resolutions I made back on January 1st.

Spiritual Resolutions – so far so good.  Through the first ten days of 2013 I have been reading one book of the Bible per day. Going to read cover to cover. I just finished 2 Samuel today. I’m also reading 3 Psalms per day.

I have really, really been enjoying this (even all the laws, genealogies, and cities listed in the first 6 books). I have been getting a great perspective on the bigger picture. In 10 days I have gone from Adam to David. I have been learning new things and seeing things I have never seen before.

I may do this again at the beginning of 2014.

Physical Resolutions – I’m getting there. I’ve been running. I’ll run 8 miles this Saturday.  I also am scheduled to run a 15K (9.3 miles) on February 9th, and a half marathon on March 24th.  Running is going to be a big part of my weight loss plan. Running longer distances requires making better choices for eating. It’s a lot easier to run when you’ve been eating and drinking well instead of running with a stomach full of doughnuts and McDonald’s.

The other physical stuff (triathlon and marathon) will come later in the year… as well as getting my teeth fixed.

Business Resolutions – I have not pulled the trigger on the new business yet. However, I have been doing quite a bit of research and investigation. I am making modifications to some of my earlier thoughts from 10 days ago.

I started looking at health insurance, but that won’t come until after I get my tax return.

Home Resolutions – nothing yet except that I cleaned out the garage and some closets and moved a bunch of stuff into a storage unit… whew!!! I feel less claustrophobic in my house without all the stuff pressing in.

Like I said before, I’m big on resolutions. They give me things to aim for and a direction. I take mine a little more serious. They could almost be goals and plans.  Here’s why I like them.

Goals and resolutions help me make decisions. “If I do this thing, is it going to move me closer to or farther away from my goal?” That includes eating, putting something off, how I spend my time, etc.

So, my big things so far – reading my Bible and getting set up with two new races in February and March.

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