Finally Upgrading To Windows 7

I am finally upgrading my desktop computer and my wife’s laptop computer to Windows 7.  I have been stuck on Windows Vista now for 3 years. Through all of the crashes, sudden shut down of certain programs, and just being awkward and slow, it is finally time to move on.

It started when our 2nd laptop, just an old Dell computer we have had forever, finally broke. I had revived it several times, but it kept dying. Replacing hard drives, power cords, etc. This time, it physically broke and there was no replacing it. I replaced it with a $400 Dell laptop from Best Buy. It is an excellent little laptop and I learned you don’t have to spend thousands to get something good.

The main thing I was wondering is that it came pre-loaded with Windows 7. All the things I have heard and read about are true.  It boots faster. I shuts down faster. Programs run and launch faster. It just seems to be a more intuitive, smarter machine. And, so far, I have yet to see any crashes or sudden shut down of programs.  I like it!

One of the other reasons I didn’t want to upgrade was I didn’t want to spend $110 per computer to upgrade to the Home edition of Windows 7.  But, on Amazon, I found a Windows 7 Family Pack that will allow you to upgrade 3 computers for only $125.

The other thing I am really looking forward to is getting all 3 of our computers working together. Getting them networked together using Vista is a joke. You think you have it all together, you shut down your computers, and the next day it is all messed up again. 7 isn’t like that. It was made for all this. In my opinion, it is as close to working with a Mac while using a PC as you can get. I know Mac people will completely disagree with me on that, but it is a nice system.

I could have saved a few headaches and frustrated moments had I done this a year ago.

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