Tax Free and Risk Free Money

I’ve recently been hit with the realization that what we’ve been taught about IRA’s SEP’s, 401K’s, etc. is a big crock for two reasons:

  1. Putting of paying taxes (what they call tax deferred) is a horrible idea.
  2. Diversifying your money in the various mutual funds is very risky, at best.

Much has been written on this over the years, but let me summarize this briefly, and in plain English.

Taxed vs Pre-Tax Money

First, let’s look at history. Are we paying more in taxes today than we were 20 years ago, 30 years ago, 50 years ago? Ummm… yah!

In other words, taxes are going up, and up some more.  So what makes us think that putting off taxes until we retire is a good idea?

If I deposit $400 a month into my retirement fund, whether it is pre-tax money or taxed money, it is still $400.  But, I would rather pay taxes on it today than I would at the tax rate 20 years from now.

When it comes time to withdraw that money at retirement, my money has already been taxed.  If I need to withdraw $58,000 a year to live on, I only withdraw $58,000.  If you put your money in a traditional IRA, you would need to withdraw about $73,000 to equal the same $58,000, because you have to pay taxes now.

How quick will your IRA run out of money at that pace?

Risky vs Risk-Free

Second, did you know there is a way to grow your money without risk?  Risk is defined as losing money.  Warren Buffet’s number 1 rule is to never lose money.

You may be thinking, there’s always risk. Every investment has losses. That’s only because that’s what you’ve been told, but it doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

The reality is there are vehicles where you can put your money where there is never a loss, and just as important, the near elimination of brokerage fees.

While some may feel they can live with a few losses here and there, the difference in a risk-free account vs. even just one down year + all the brokerage fees can be quite staggering… as much as 100% difference!

The Question

I help people grow their money risk free and tax free, two things everybody want, but nobody thinks is possible.

It is possible by using the most powerful and yet mostly hidden feature of the tax code. The ultra-wealthy have been using it for decades, but the middle class has no clue. If you can set aside 20-25 minutes of your time, would it be worth your while to see how you can grow your money risk free and tax free?

If the answer is yes, then check out the video at the following page, and then jump on our instant access webinar.  Click on either the link or the image below.


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