Looking For A Web Host?

There are hundreds of options for web hosting out there, and dozens of different types of packages to choose from.  It can be a bit confusing about what you actually need from a web host, all the costs, what you get, etc. 

I just want to take a moment or two and give you my recommendation.  I have used about 2-3 dozen different web hosts over the last decade or so.  Probably much more than that when I factor in other sites I have worked with. However, over the last few years I have had all of web hosting with one company – Host Gator

I have multiple accounts with Host Gator.  Here is a short list of why I like them.

  • They are a U.S.-based company… and in fact… based out of Texas!
  • Sales and Support is easy, and I have never had anything go longer than 1 day to be fixed. In most cases anything technical issue I have is resolved within about 15 minutes
  • Upgrading is seemless.  One of the BIGGEST pains is having to move your site to a new web host.  With Host Gator you don’t need to do that.  You can go from their smallest package and upgrade to the next package and your website will never miss a beat
  • Almost 99.999999999% uptime.  In fact, I have never had a downtime issue.
  • Fantastico and cPanel – Two very easy ways to add WordPress blogs to your site and manage your hosting account
  • Plans start at less than $5 per month, and for most people, that is all the web hosting they will ever need.

There are many other reasons, but needless to say, I am a very happy customer with Host Gator, and highly recommend them. 

The one thing to remember is this – it doesn’t have to be expensive, complex, and technically complicated in order to run your site.  I trust my whole business with Host Gator and all of my sites.  If anyone tells you that you need to spend more than $5 – $8 per month for your site, they are feeding you a line of …..  I have friends who spend more than $100 per month for much less than what I am getting.  They don’t have dedicated servers or some fancy rack of servers for that.  They are just spending a lot more for a lot less.

I would go with Host Gator… but it’s up to you. $4.95 per month will give 95% of the people all the hosting they will need… and if you need to upgrade to their $7.95 or $12.95 package, it will be seemless… or even if you need to go to their reseller, VPS, or dedicated servers… they can do that too.

I started off by saying there are many different web hosts out there for the average person to use.  There are a few really good ones, but there are quite a few that are rated poor due to downtime, poor customer support, and simply not user-friendly. One of the bottom line features for me in why I like Host Gator is that I know they are going to be around tomorrow. Too many web hosts come and go.  HG is here to stay, and that’s what you want when you are counting on them with your business.

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