I Changed Churches This Last November

After about 12-13 years of going to Grace Community Church in Arlington, TX, we felt like God was leading us to move on. Now, I realize that this is not really a HUGE deal and that people do this all the time, but, after a dozen years, it makes it harder to pull the trigger on that kind of a decision.

I actually felt like 3 years ago that God was leading me to move on. But, things weren’t ready at that time, and it was more about God putting that seed in my heart to grow. Over the next two years I began to talk with Traci about it, and then about midway through 2010, we began to really talk more about it and wait and see how God would lead.

Moving to a new church is a personal thing. There are dozens of reasons that I could give, but they are my reasons. I do want to make it clear that I was not running from anything, angry with anyone, or left behind some negative relationship that will come back to haunt me in 20 years in some counseling session. No, it was just time.

This last October I was driving to Illinois and back (from Texas) and had plenty of time to pray and think. I believed that God was saying it was now time. I had reached the end of the chapter and the next page was a blank page of a new chapter. I came home and told Traci. About a week later we told the kids.

We didn’t have any plan, any agenda, or any map to follow. We were just going to go where we felt God leading us and visit some different churches where we could get plugged in, serve, and face some new challenges.

It took ONE week.

Church on Rush CreekWe visited The Church on Rush Creek. It has been an amazing experience. It has been challenging, refreshing, and there has been a new sense of excitement in my faith. It’s not been easy when it comes to uprooting and getting incorporated, but this last Sunday, on January 23rd, we put in our membership at the church and committed ourselves to serving there with them.

It is a very dynamic church that is sold out on excellence. I have been floored by the media ministry that goes on there. I’ve been joining in some special groups, and Traci and I went and visited a home group this last Monday. It’s been great, and the new avenues for worship, service, and community could not be better. The kids are getting plugged in too. We have told them that we are taking this one day, one week at a time. I know it can be harder for a teenager or kid to get plugged into something new, but they are great kids and I love them all. I appreciate them believing in us and trusting us as we make this move.

Go check out the Rush Creek site, especially the messages. Just go to Multimedia, then to Messages. You can watch or listen to one of the messages. If you live in the DFW area, especially on the south side of town, mid-cities, come and join us! One thing I appreciate is that it is not church as normal. There isn’t much they aren’t afraid to do and they have bold leadership that “Wants to become more like Jesus so that we can become Jesus to the overwhelmed, the under-resourced, and the far away.”

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