About Who Is Rich

If you want to know more about me, then just read through the blog.  I’ve been working on a series for several months now about the “Joy In the Journey.” That will begin to tell me story.  But, here is a brief overview for those who don’t want to ready every blog post:

  • Living with my wife and 3 kids in the Dallas, Texas area.
  • I’ve been working from home full-time since August, 2004.
  • I’m a Christian and try to have that faith prevail in everything I do.
  • I’m all about sports, both playing and watching.
  • I’ve taken up a love for running. Three half marathons so far… gotta get the full marathon soon.
  • I’m not one who likes to play follow-the-leader. I would rather go down the road less traveled or create my own path.
  • I enjoy a good pile of meat, along with some cheese, BBQ sauce, and a tall Mt. Dew.

Most of all, I like the story or analogy of how a pilot who is navigating his jet from one city to the next is constantly having to make course corrections in order to reach his destination.  I find that to be very true in my life. I need to make course corrections as the Holy Spirit leads, as I evaluate my life and business, and as I seek to lead and journey with my family through this life.

If I was on an island, I wouldn’t really care if I had a computer or not.  I enjoy computers and I make my living by using one, but I wouldn’t mind a more simple life. I would, however, like to have my family with me, my collection of Rich Mullins CD’s, about a dozen good books (like my Bible, some John Grisham, Andy Stanley, and maybe a Harry Potter book or two), and a few other things.

But, I’m not an island… so I must keep moving foward.

I’m not sure of everything that is down the road for me. One of the favorite lines from one of the best movies of all time, Out of Africa, is when Karen says, “God made the world round so we couldn’t see too far down the road.”

My online business will only last so long. I’m not that naive.  I am not sure what lies ahead for my business life… which might be scary to some… but for me, that is part of the fun of living. I want the freedom to travel on mission trips, longer vacations, to be able to give more, live more and be more of the man that God wants me to be.

I also wouldn’t mind spending a little more time fishing so I could catch another pike like this one, land my first 10 pound bass, shoot a round of golf under 90, buy my wife more nice things, go back to East Africa, and drive my 66 Mustang again.

I have a good life.  Not perfect by any means, but a good (no let me correct that) a great life!

Such is the journey.


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